Sunday, November 18, 2007

Its the holidayss...FINALLY..
well, I didn't really looking forward to it but more books for almost two months and no more waking up early for school wearing uniforms.hehe.Gonna spend this holidays to the max cause next year its SPM!!!!...aaahhh...BUMMERRR..
Moving onnnn...
I'm downloading "The Longest Yard" and "Lucky number Slevin" =D
gonna watch movies at a lil $$ =D
work work workk....yeahhh back to lifeguarding tomorrow till the 15th of Dec.
Gonna pump back my wallet with cashhh (CHING CHINGG) $$$

The Weekendss...
The Pong fam (Joshua,Unc.J & Aunt.Susan) , The Thien fam (Ps.David,Aunt.Carol,Caleb & Melody) and my "Ama" back at hometown Aunty.Chris came up to Ipoh oooooon....yesterday! (saturday) Sam and Jon from the Pong's could'nt come cause they've got camps and the other Sam and Tim of the Low's couldn't come either cause they've got something to do at youth sooooo..moving onnn, hope ur not confused bout the family tree thingy haha..if you are, then you is dumb dumb.HAHA! jkjk..
Mom took em to JJ, and then after youth i rushed to JJ to meet em..and my goodness, they were like DEVAAAAAAAARAAAJJJJ???!!!!! OH MYYYYY!!!! your hairr!! WAAAAHHHH!! YOU SLIM DOWN ALREADY UHHH!! WAHHH BERGAYAAAA OOOOO...UIISEEHHHH MANNN....
hahaha..i was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????...=p=p
and was staring at Joshua, goodness, dat dude is taller than me!! babii..stil remember when we were in primary sku, we use to compete who's taller and run the fastest cause we were the top sku runners haha.=p
and and Ps.DaviD was like, WAHH LAOO EHHH, STEADY LAH KAU RAJ (they call me Raj so dont laugh kay! =p) haha..they couln't recognise me..haha..mannn, their eyes were popping out and mouths opened so big.HAHAHA..
brought em to some places where Ipoh has to offer, white coffee,chicken lice bertaugeh (LOL),
biscuits..and more coffee...and more food.=D
me and Joshua were talking bout our stuffs how things been going on and all..ahhh that boy changed mannn..hahaa..he's no more the crazy type that we used to be in our gang the DJDP gang.LOL. well, thats cause he's in a juv Christian sku.haha.still remember both of us made fun of girls and we had the loudest laughs you've ever heard.=p
had some fellowship with the uncles and aunties..yeah was great patching up with em.=)
Ps.david just graduated at the Klang Bible Sku.too bad i cant make it to his graduation due to some performaces rehersal..sad sadd..will be meeting him thou, when i come back home =)
They all stayed one night at my place so was great to see em and hear how are they doing.

Plannings for the hols.... work for 20 days, practise practise for a concert,workshop and performances on Dec..will be busy on Dec, will be going up and down to KL =D
and finally, CHristmas.....hahaha..wait and see alright. =)

p/s : pics taken on weekends will be uploaded as soon as i get the pics from Ps.David ;)

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