Saturday, March 29, 2008

back backkk!!
been really really really (1ox10000000) tired these whole week gosh i can almost see the light HAHAH as in im dyingggg. =(
had ruGby training every single morning...after that class for like 1 hour++ a.k.a SLEEEEEEPPP! evening ruGby training AGAIN...well, dont usually go for the evening training but still im tirrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeedd. =( run here run there..woolalalala...drift drift.=p
and i've got tan!! like serious tan.dang it.i need whitening cream pls! KEKEKE
and ive got to practise for the upcoming performance..gahh!! tension tension. KL && Penang concert plus IU day which is in 2 weeks time!! DEAD!
no time to practiceeeee...and BABI!! listen to the songs laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...wanna rock but lazy.gosh.=p HAHA
concert not so bad cause cause we've been performing for like 2 yrs? HAHA we is rock MALAYSIAAAA =)
Last Night was the more crappiest tiredestest day ever..
evening, 2 rugby friendly games (draw 1, won 1)
night, debate
midnight, party!!!! xD
next morning, hungover half dead HAHAHA.=p=p
gonna continue sleeping nowwwwwwwww =)))

p/s : I miss Princess Cicak ='(

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