Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HElloww melloww dear rreeaderrrsss!!!! HAHAHSS!!!
sorry for not updating for for quite a while ehh..bet you all missed me..=p=p
been to penang the last holidays heeehe was really really fun fun!!! was with "Angels are Architects" a band from Aussie =)
Tomorrow's Sports DAYYY!!!! wooh0o0o!!!
our class flag's donee our class tee's here too..gosh man we're so gonna win this yr's march past..HAhAH.=DDD
had sunburnt since the Penang trip and today gosh more sunburnns HAHA marched for like 2 hours.=p=p
and im gonna wear a baju melayu for our marching thingy tmr =DDD
haahss as i wil be carrying the err errrrr "pelekat" the sign board thingy heeheee
and and dont dont dont forget to watch the vid i took down there okayss.=DDD
its composed on the spot and sang on the spot and its ORIGINALLY from Crossroads ;)
my band of course HAHAHAHASSS..=p=p
had nth to do and people around us are feeling emo and soooo we decided to sing for em to show em some love..HAHAHAHAA..=p=p enjoyy!!!!!
update soonnn...quite rushhy today..;)))

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