Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wooh0o0o!!!! sportsss DAY's fun funfunnnss.=D
Though we didnt win this year but we got second place..but still okayy laaaaaahhh...
lost 6 points only..gahhh!!
and guess what!!! my class won marching!! yahoooOOWOOWW!!!!~~
class teacher was like so caring before the marching started gave us Kit Kat Chocos and some Zip Zip Chocoo.=p=p
and our class rawked big time =DDD
and there's the Milo van thingy so everyone suppose to have A cup of milo but i got like 6..7..8...9..10.. cups HAhA!! cause i took so many coupons from my class teacher heehee =D
and ate a hawt cup of maggiee mee..=)))) yuMMMM..
gonna get my 7 sports medal after holidays wooh0o0o cant wait =)))))

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