Sunday, July 20, 2008

BAck again and guess what, im talking to the biggest sakai in the world, Yeanyean HAHA! (jangan marah nanti tak cute) =D
Last week my church had our yearly event called "Youth Sunday",
this year's theme's "EMO" haha so every youth dressed like some emo emo people and the adults, they're in the jeans and t-shirts and for the ladies, haha its time to get young and sexy for them =D
So, this year was a lil different from the previous Youth SUnday, we had cool decorations all over the auditorium, and plus we had a super cool old school vintage bike on stage =)
and i was playin drums on dat sunday and we rawked the whole place eh hahah not baaadd even old people enjoyed rocking with us =) songs we played as usual were roking and rolling =D
and our youth had our dance performance, and they showed the mowie we shot few months back =) and guess what, i sang the song 'welcome to my life' by Simple Plan, it was a last minute thingy act but i pulled it off! HAHA (bangga gilerr!!)
did exactly like the live videos of the song.
and the band members all had their hair and bodoes tatooed haha was coool yooow.
and as for me, ive got a blue sprayed mohawk ahhh niceee =D
p/s, gummy bears and kissis shall i give to you ;)

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