Thursday, July 10, 2008

heyloowww peopleee!!
big bigg sorry for not writing anything haha, been posting pictures so that you all will get the picture, get it?? okay dats lame HAHA =p
haven't got the "mood" to write but now i shall write whats in my mind this instant =p
basicaly everything's doing fine, okay NOT THAAAAT fine, my SPM trial is coming up and I haven't prepare a single thing i've so got to start from NOOOWW (been saying that since.......forever)
Yoha,Wai hin,Xian chang and others are back for their sem break, finally I dont feel left out =D
bad news, im having high fever, its been like for a week already and im getting hawter each day haha ;) and today's open day,i was absent from school and skipped the monitorial duty as all monitors got to welcome parents and guide them to the kid's class.
teacher's comments, DEVA'S A SLEEPING BEAUTY
haha, well, what can i say, i need my beauty sleep to keep me beautifool =p
okayokay, that ain't right. Gosh i really need to buck up and wake up from being a big bump and start kicking butts i mean books.
This sunday, there'll be a Youth Sunday @ Church of Praise =)
Youth Sunday is a tradition by the C.O.P youth which every year we'll dedicate one sunday for the youths to conduct. Meaning, old people gonna feel young as we the youths rock the house LOL. there'll be a movie clip showing, dance presentation, and the band...ahhhhh cant deny that we're gonna rock the house yo ;)
as im having my fever, i hope i'll be fine to play on sunday cause the songs are quite hard =(
and my drumsticks, they're breaking ='(
Current Mood,
Moody + Emo EMoooooooooo
Things runnin in my head,
thinking what im gonna think. LOL!

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