Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DeWali's week...
-1.Went Hakimi's house for last day of raya open house.ate like TOOOOTT lemamg rocks big time + satay....ahh eat till i drop.
0.went RUms, met a billion people (:
1.Went to Preet's Open House...Food was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.went to Smith's mom club watched live band gosh, i got offered to play! wooh0o0 happy siiaaaas,Aunty belanjaed us Tequila SHots like super nice, was my first time, it was burning my lungs superly awesome.

2.hangged with the gang, hitted Voodoo and guess what Smith and I compete in some dance thingy in stage and we got 2nd place like wthh...we danced better than the other couple LOL. and the crowd decided who's the winner,and the loudest cheer got the prize and grand prize was rm320 bucks. wth we didnt win cause stupid crowd was racist, ahhh no matter at least we had fun .made new friendss tooo XD some guys who loves shuffling.Voodoo was alright but i prefer RUms 100000x (:
3.Smith's house for sleepover, ate like all the chocolates sapu wtv food i can was super hungry....talked crapp...watched tv 4-7am LOL! Sleep till 11am.played with 4 dogs and 5 cats in the house.
4.watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL with the guys and gals, slept in the cinema for 1 hour +++ woke up ate at secret recipe and went back home online online LOL..sleep for 12 hours till the next day XD
5.Stoned at home and sapu all the junk food for guest who come to visit, thinkin bout amazing race....hmmmmm....grand prize iPod Touch worth almost 2thousand bucks dang! im so gonna win if i got people joinin my team sighhhs. =/

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