Monday, October 20, 2008

A night out around Epoh .
The 3 musketeers, Shekie, KartZ and Me.
Three of us decided to cruise around Ipoh the whole night to check out whats happening between 12am-6am on a Friday =P
We went to town to check out some "Bapoks" selling backsides LOL! or maybe frontside? HAHA
We were at Jalan.....something something near...some place lah LOL. bapoks were standing in front of the door which leads to some room. they'll be like 3-4 of them standing with sexy poses
offering SEX.
Kartz drove near to the place and i decided to go down and interview them =p
Deva : Lu berapa??
Hot Bapok : 50
Deva : alaaaa mahal lah weyyy...40 boleh kah??
HB : okay okay lah 40
DEva : 35??
HB : you nak ker tak nak nie??
Deva : maaahaaall laaaaa
HB : alaa boleh lahh saya sudah potong maaa
Deva : *tahan-ing laughhs* oooooo sudaaaah pooootongg, best kah sudah potong?
HB : Lu banyak tanya aper sal ah?
deva : sajer lah mau tahu ma, saya pun mau jadi macam lu orang
HB : waaaa betui kah??
Deva : *in hearts says* "WTFFFF!!! noooOO!O!!O!O! EWWW!!!" errr tengok dulu lah
HB : stares at me like some horny bugger
Deva : *runs back to the car and laugh like crazy*
HAHAA they are hawt i tell you like @#$%^&* haawwwtttt. i think hawter than some normal looking girl ahaha! just that they're guys LOL!
Shekie and Kartz thought im gonna actually go in to the room and do with them wthh no wayy LOL.
its almost morning we headed to Polo Ground walk round and round to have morning exercise hehe. didnt know that pOlo ground would be packed around 7am-something something packed with old people, i was looking at some fat people working out i was like "yoyo move it baby moveee datt fattt lil asss come on come on work it out!" LOL
I was sitting alone while kartz and shekie went to the slide thingy to play i was sleepyy till some old man says "gooood morning young man" i said back, MORNING unclee! uncle ajaked me to walk with him i said yes LOL.
so we walked around didnt know he was famous there practically every step we took, ppl'll be greeting him good morning uncle Loh.
So i got to know this uncle, bla bla blaaaa..he's 70 sth, 4 kids which are doctors and Phd owner with a master degree, ma gawd smartipanties.
anyways, headed back to get some sleep.. ZZzzzZZZzzZZZZzzzzZzZZZzz

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