Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The story kicks off with Abu’s (Nas-T) escape from juvenile center and his reunion with Ali (Ezani) and the girls to celebrate the final paper and the last day of SPM exams marking the end of high school and the beginning of their journey to taking their first steps in making life altering decisions.But the day soon ends hinting at the impending future looming ahead. Having botched up yet another internship interview, Ali knows he cannot keep putting off a possible position in the family business. Sofie (Julia) realizes she needs to deal with her mother’s ongoing attempts at grooming her into the perfect trophy wife. Abu senses his freedom is temporary and must eventually come to a decision about taking up the offer of his counselor to continue with his studies. Adii (Zeyna) begins to grapple with the strain of becoming more than what is expected of her. And Lynn (Liyana Jasmay) knows she needs to come clean with Ali about her past and with her mother about her future.As they continue to fill their post-SPM break with sneak-outs, gigs, gate crashing, run-ins with a drug dealer, dodging authorities from the juvenile centre they realize they can no longer avoid coming to terms with self-doubt, relationships, parental pressures and the angst of living the banalities of life in the suburbs.With the future of adult responsibilities closing in on them, the five friends take their first steps dealing with their personal conflicts, accompanied by a soundtrack emanating from cruising car radios, record/CD players and gigs that serves as background music to define the most confusing time of their lives – the teenage years.
Watched this movie ALONE together with Des and his awek i was err being the lamp post cause nobody wanted to teman me watch mowie =( and its a LOCAL mowie what lah weyy supporttt pleaseeeeeeeee. LOL!
Almost cried watching the part where ABU died like when he's gonna die everyone was crying he still can make dumb jokes =(
ahhh very Malaysian, its a must to watch XD

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