Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When the phone rrings, KRRINNGGG KRRINGGG,
i pick up the phone and say, "yellow, blue is this?? white do you want, you dont purplely call me! you make me angry i will not call you black".

LOL! these are some script i curi from "Love Matters" (:
the awesome usage of colours lah wey!
Watched this movie with my KL friends who came back like well as usual on every Chinese show i was the only black nigga butt watching haha and of course they;re a few malays HAHA awesome! talk about perpaduan =p=p
laughed our asses off when we watched, thanks to the subtitles =p=p
Lucky day...
Work was hmmm suprisingly fun LOL well its fun everyday but today;s a lil funner cause lunch was seedappp laaaa, normally its sedap but then...today's was more sedap-er XD
chiCken curry , it was the bomb! and while i was at my station by the pool look seeing people swimming, suddenly there;s this two *ang mo* a.k.a mat salleh a.k.a white chicks came over and being all friendly and took pictures with me HAHA!! im feeling the love baby . they were wearing only 2 piece like biKini! omggsss, then they asked for my number and all AHHA i was like zero one sixxx.....something something ************
and then again, same thing happened but this time chicks from penang cam to me and all. gosh what a day AHAH to top it of, my supervisor sent me back like wthhh darn goooood wey, my house dah lah 100000000KKKM far away from Lost World lol. and then i went to Imax and i got 3 hours free! (: and i got someVIP coupons where i can online everyday 1 hour FREE. buahaha!

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