Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WwWwWwill be posting more pictures when my streamyXXX line's not being a boasstard (:
For now...its Sunburst'09 baby!!! as usual Crossroads rocked the freaking opening show =p
And it was early bird so not many people showed up around 4-5 thousand? LOL and for Sunburst its super little and the night it reached....8-9 thousand? probably 10! or more (:
Got interviewed by Hitz and fly, pictures taken for ROTTW and Juice mag and Xpac's scrap book. Hannah tan posed with us cause she sang for one of our song XD *bangga banggaS*
I freaking threw my new drumsticks to the crowd by accident and its like 45 bucks okayss, LOL local musicians are broke =( freaking Travis Barker signature series, whoever had their hands on it, better take good freaking care of it (:
and yes yes...Korn was there as well, hung out with em at Bently music before the night they performed (: and freaking ass, i felt like a star for once HAHAH!

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