Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The no words can explain and describe how incredible these people are.

The BBQ niteee .
Cleaning the kayaks. Lu Vin did all the work actually LOL! btw, he owns 2 big clubs in Melaka and he's a singer and he's supporting one of our local band (: oh ya, he works in a bank too. HAHA rich mother fow.and and he loves tatoos and cigar.

Kayaking was an awesome experience (:

Wisdom and i, he;s the funniest guy on earth he named me Devo after some football player from...England which i think its some cock story HAHA he said Devo's a good played and all LOL! we're at the campsite after 3 hours of jungle treking (:

OutwarDBound ---- To serve, to strive and not to yield...Deva----To eat, to sleep and not to be ugly XD

My groupie was looking at some hawt.....bird? LOL

The other group, playin the acid pool .

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