Sunday, April 19, 2009

well ive been busy with aiyaaa straight to the point lah alright XD

Street partyyy!! *everyone kept quiet*LOL!
There was a street party going on in conjunction of the Champion's League CUp organised by Heineken so it was held in Ipoh as the 1st roadshow, they're 4 roadshow which is in Miri,Jay bEE,kay elle and Ipoh (:
ill post the flyers better rather than me typing wasting my finger;s energy LOL!!!

*taadaaaaa* well if ure blind as i am just click on the picture to zoooooMMM in yea XD

anyhow, i was at the street party, not to partay but i was the waiter (: well...i kinda partay in a way HAah i did danced and well i was captured on screen by some camera man without realising and a few pictures were taken and it better be sexy kays people who took my pictures =p
ot was really an awesome experience despite working my ass off for 2 days the day before the party and on that very day itself. exhausted like crazy, worked for more than 10 hours perday just leads me into crankyness but hey, its worth the experience, carrying tobbles i mean bottles of beers and ices and even setting up the bar.they were 3 bars outside (:
Justin, the Manager of the Sincero Riverbank Club called me to help him out at first to get some people to help him out on THEE day. i called Eugene,and Jean along together with my other 5 poyo member LOL emo freaks (: all in all it was great, tho some b*tch was getting on my nerve at that night she was high and sne was demanding like a B*tch LOL! almost told her off lucky i was working or not she'll be crying under her mom's skirt. moving on, Justin is an ass HAHAAH! dude u better read this =p=p he's the coolest boss ever, but in pay wise, he suck real bad =p
so nuff said, let the pichas do the talking ...LOOOKKK UPPPPP (:

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