Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Updateeee!!! usual this month's been a busy month gosh i dont know what the gee ive been updating about LOL! always been wating to update bout his the innner me and all not bout how happening life is all bout LOL! ahh wthee lah ill just update on the Kampar party i went XD

well its known for its boringness and lifelessness LOL!
and for the 1st time in Kampar there's a CLub event party thing on last last....some thursday ago lah. It was a private party, organised by Ash and Emi since Kampar has no life its time for the people to bring up some life over there XD
got to meet up with my old buddies and party with em nyehehe, had an awesome night tho stayed at Ven's place and we party till mornin and did wtv nonsence when people are sleeping like......*private n con*... =PP

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