Friday, November 04, 2005

Ten Ringgit Bet....

Manan and Chandran met at the mall. When Manan said he was glad to see his friend, Chandran answered "How can you see me when I'm not even here? I'll bet you ten ringgit to prove it."

"You mean to say you're goin to bet me ten ringgit you're not here? Okay, It's a bet.

"Am I in Langkawi?" Chandran asked.

Manan answered, "No."

"Am I in Tioman?"

Again, Manan answered, "No."

"If I'm not in Langkawi and I'm not in Tioman, that means I'm in some other place.Right?"

"Well, if I'm in some place, I can't be here. Give me the ten ringgit.

"wait a minute, "Manan protesed. "How can I give you the money if you're not here?"