Thursday, January 04, 2007

HEYYY!!!!! I is back!!!..=pp
helloe people!!...soorryyy for not bloggin for almost 3 weeks..
my pc got busted rosakkk...=((
well, wishing u guys and gals a very belated merry christmas and a very blessed new year!!..;D
been to KL - rock the world 7..
- Planet shakers...
- hang with frens, meet up Labuan gang...
- been all around the shoppin malls....

and for ChristMAs,
hmmm...lets see,
family dinner!!! wuuU!! turkey turkey!!..:D
thennn out mamaking...y2k..:D

New year,
almost the same as Christmas la..
stayed at eric's for a night wit some guys..:D
had fun fun funnnn....

skewl started yesterday,BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....
im in 4science 6...
no hapening people!!!..suck lahH!!!!!..

oh yeah...PMR results..!!! haahha!!!
6A's and B for History..=p=p hehee..

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