Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alriteyyy, moving on to the drama...
drama audition (acting) held on.......i forgot..=p=p
neways, been held sometime ago laa.. i passed..=DD
singing one was hmmmm..2days back..yeah!..
hmm i think i passed according to the drama musicians...=p=p
hopefully gonna get some major character yeah...=)
nothing much to update...
jus dat my sayang always fall asleep while texting me everynight... HAHAHA!!..
mengada??.. yes yes!!..blekk!!!..=p=p jkjk..
tmr's a holiday, hmmm plans??...
got called to play basketball with friends early morning..around 8.45am!..
crazy!!..someone its on a holiday!!..i'll see whether i can wake up anot la..=p=p
hmmm..maybe going out hanging with friends and gonna get sth...
exams jus around the 2 weeks time!!.arghh..
add math!!..super hard lah!!..
man, i got to frekkin buck up yoyooo...

Love you girlfriend..=DD
will be seeing her onnn.....SATURDAY!!..=)
(harap harap lah...)
anyways, aku miss her sangat sangat niee...eeee!!...
i is the miss miss u the very very much laaa..=DD
and and i is the love love u the very much too..=DD

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