Friday, April 13, 2007

Ahhhh...jus got back home from skewl...
not suppose to go back but yeah...hehe..=pp
skipped some motivation talk by err one famous indian guy which i dont even know..heard he's very good, but too bad i cant understand tamil language...bad bad..LOL!..
few of us which are indians cant undertsand tamil went out..
talked to Mr.Rajan ( my dad in skewl =pp), told him i cant und a thing lah weh..haha!!.. he said...faster go makan then up to u lah wanna stay in da hall or not..=p
makan, went CF with Yoha..=D (such a goodie lol)
after CF, went canteen got few bites of everything..=p
then on the way back, dang! KAru there!...shoot lah weh!...
he's taking care of the exit to see whether any indians trying to escape the motivation..LOL..
me and yoha was like..argh laaa...kk kk chill chill..
soon, karu and other teachers left into da and yoha was actiing stoopid..haha..walking jus like some thief haha!..
finally in the car, cabut time!!....wooh0o0!!..=D

in skewl, slept during BM...add math....physics,(half asleep) lol!....
in CF i totally wasnt listening..close eyes and nodding my head..haha!..=p
bad bad!..

get ur butt home laaaahhh..
she's in err err skewl!..LOL...
cepat balik kita makan sama sama...=DD
sayang luh!!

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