Friday, April 06, 2007

been a loooong time since i've updated my blog..
sorry dear biggest apology to ya'll...
this 2 weeks been a great week yoyo...
been preparing for sports day,drama,band performance and so on..

Last Week was Joshua's birthday, went partying after youth at his house...
has BBQ there..a moderate number of people went...99.99% is from our church =pp
had alot of food!!..yummmmmmmmmmmmm...
played cake...cake went splating all over..=p=p
stayed a night for our guys sleepover which sounded GAY lah to me..=p=p
and yeah, we slept around 4am and went for the 2nd service for church..=p
oh yea, after church went JJ with Joycey =p watched Meet the Robinson..was preety funny..hehe!

yesterday was sports day!!!!...
was fun wehH!!!!>.best sports day ever!!!...hehee..
ran for skewl for the 4x100M got gold!! hehe..=DD
my hse got 3rd placing over all..
well, its expected though...
for two years my hse been the champ...
too bad not this yr.. sadd..=p
well, marching?! my class got 2nd!! arghh..
tought we gonna win easily...
we under estimate this "bapok" class..
man..nerds beat us!..
sad sad..
next monday gonna 2 medals during assembly..=D hehe..
moving on,
after sports day, went stadium for lunch with yoha and the gang!..
hahah!! yoha ohh yoha!!..
my interesting bestie!! hahah!
asked alot bout girls...
seem so fond bout girls..asking tips and all..
anyway, yoha's getting his "Les Paul Epiphone" today...
fuuhh! its his babe which he was longing for a looooooooooooong time and talks bout it every second when he's wth me...haha!!..
its from korea not mistaken...=DD
went JJ to bowl wit Wai Hin,DHong Dhong,Roshan and Mun Yee..=p=p
man, was leading the 1st few bowl...3 strikes..thenn ah dhong!! geng!! thn waihin!!..arghhh..sumore they all bowl less than 3 times in their life!..
oklah i dropped cause they challenged me to use the heaviest ball!..

so after bowling, we went sushi king..
didnt eat for fun..its a challenge eating thingy..=p=p
wasabi is the main dish!..haha..=p=p
sushi with lots of wasabi, with 4-5 stages...
1st stage with a lil bit of wasabi then it goes on till stage 5 eating all the wasabi..
gosh almost cried!!! hahaha..
guess what, we licked the plate full of wasabi clean and shiny..=p=p
all stomach went upset..=p=p

and and i miss sayang..she's in JBC now..huhuuuu
miss you baby!! =DD


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