Thursday, February 28, 2008

AHhh woooossshhhh...
Had the band practise for battle of the bands and for our IU DAy yesterday.
Was a good far so okay okay. HAHA.=D
managed to pull off "Meant to live"(Switchfoot) && "Perfect"(Simple Plan) we did our own version of yeah it went well. The first prac is just to bond with one another as every year i'll change band so yeah. only Theo was originally from my main band "Silent Scream" && "Crossroads" and FYI, Crossroads will be performin a gig like somewhere next month so stay tuned.
moving onnn...
competed in the 400m run and i got Gold..wooh0o0o
and guess what, ive got to re-run again next week.the !@#$%^!!!..cause 2 of the runners went to run for the sku...gahh pist..gonna get like bronze or silver like this...
and long jump...bronze.gah 2 yrs of gold and 1 yr of silver..and this year..dumb bronze..sighh
running the 200m and 4x100m tmr (monday) soooo all the best to me..LOL
the band from aussie "if angels were architect" playin this morning..ahh the vocalist's a chick! HAHA.ahh not a rock band its like hmmm indie slow moderate and but very good sound projection.overall the band was great =)
and will be joining them to penang..wooh0o0o!! =D
and i just realised im FAT!!! gahh..need to go for DIEEEETTT DEEEIIITTTT...
*boink boink*

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