Wednesday, February 13, 2008

IM backk!! =)
sorry for the late update, been busy with stuffs like my training,sku,hanging out =p, bla bla blaa..
skipped sku again today after a week, had a very bad fever and sore throat and bad migrane crap. went training yest, was great! =) had fun. and i beat the sku track N field team.hahaa! sku team sucks! =p beat them in 200m(2nd),400m (2nd), long jump n triple jump but im too late to submit my name for the sku team.ahhh what to announcement no nothing. quited track and field last year after the best batch won everything cause after that batch there's no chance we can win again LOL. my team on 2006 && 2007 kicked butt in the state..wooooo this year...hahaha..will pray for hope =D

moving on,
Chinese new year was.....hurmm was just so soo compared to previous years..
its not that really happening anymore..people dont really like open their hse and celebrate with friends followshipping and family gathering's getting lesser.
and so is my "ang pao" gah, it got so much lesser haha.oh wells, i did hang with my friends at the malls, went visiting, =)
met some friends which i hardly see.
and some of my mom's side came up to Ipoh.met them and some of em changed..sighh..
oh wells, people change.
ooo yeah, i worked on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY.haha was great working.=p
lifeguardd.wheeee. miss working miss my friends there =) was great to be back again.
on saturday, went for a beach party for CNY..ahhh, wasn't really up to expectation.only after 12am its happening. me and my lifeguard friends had so much fun playin water.LOL
went back at 3sth in the morning and the next day im playin drums at chruch..gosh was soooo sleepy.LOL after church went to JJ hang out with some friends..didnt really got the mood to, so i ditched up =p=p
and went walk on my own and met some other friends hang for while =D

OHH, one more thingy =p
yest in sku, as you all know im the monitor for my class.=p=p
and whenever the teacher enters the class i'll like ask the pupil to stand as normal and said "GONG XI FART CHAI TEACHERR!!" then everyone followed hahaah.=p=p
was so funny.=p
and same thing when the teacher leaves the class..heehee

Tmr's Valentine's Day. =)
so spread the love yoooO!!!!
not only to your loved ones but to the ones you hate or to the ones you have ditched.=D

even when ur far apart =)

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