Monday, February 25, 2008


Deva's back yoyo!! hahaa..examsss are overrr oh finally!!! =)) and I've gotten my MOral marks and I got 98%! HAHA! wooh0o0 well of course the Man up there helped. =P dumb essayss so hard and i didnt know what to crap and so i did and i got only one wrong me! HAhA.=p history ive got 78% ahhh BM 74% and othersss are soon to be releaved =D

The boy's baby's back but didnt had the chance to meet her soooooo yeah. well maybe when she comes back next month will be able to see her cause the boy really misses her and gahhh bee emoo yoyo emooo yess back to emoo. anyways, been busy practising for the gig coming up next month and will be going to Penang for youth camp will be featuring a band fom Aussie called "if angels were architects" haha cool name uh.=p and the vocalist's a chick. the music....hurmmm not really my type haha.=p
yesterdhay I skip church [sorry Jesus =( ] went to MC instead to attend some fair thingy organised by MC's interact club so everyone from every sku was invited. I went there to get inpiration for the Iu Day which is gonna be held in my sku it self. Had some meeting with the exco board from other skus disscuss discuss and yeah i got sone idea how to conduct and plann the event =) as u the event planner and also the performance director.
Back to my point, and in short, my friends were pastering me to join this thingy called "30 sec of fame" haha and so they put my name and i had to think hard what to do to impressed people and the judges? gah, judges laaa. 30 sec of fame the people jadi judges lah dey..aiyo..oh wells, and i choose my song and i danced some pole dance thingy and some dirty dance + a sexy crumping haha!! gahh, feels so good to be back. =p and i rawked the crowd like wooh0o0o!!! got more woooh0o0 -ing then the bangra team.haha how cool is tat? =p
and so i won! haha.=p
after the event went to the mall and took some poser poyo pics =D
this week....
- gig performance practise
- rugby , track and field training
- homeworks (dang!)
- study
-sleep sleep sleeeppppp (i need alot a whole lotsa sleep)
- lose weight =p
-miss her <3

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