Saturday, January 03, 2009

*BOOOOOMMMMM*** (fireworkssss))
byebye 2008 here i come 2009!! (:

New year's resolution....
  • To be rich
  • to be sexy
  • to be hawt
  • to be a rockstar
  • to be a bigger pain in the butt =p
  • to be fit and muscular LOL!
  • to be a better punk
  • to get tatooed
  • to get another piercing

to get married and have grand childrens

well, maye my resolution's too err err impossible HAHA but wth lah (: I'll just be a better person in and out XD

*Misssingggg somebodyyyy which reminds me wayyyy back in 2005 (;

1 comment:

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