Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fuuh! havent been blogging for like AGEESSSS.

well, nothing much been happening lately, been err err working,hanging out as usual catching up with friends who's back for the holidays and so on. hardly got the time to go online and blog =(
dad's always around so yeaaa cant wait for CNY to come tho wooh0o0o al the red packets fille with $$$ baby XD
my friends and i planned to go on a roadtour LOL! to go from house to house and collect "ang paos" XD so people i mean auntys and uncles go filled em red packets with *ching ching* HAHA =p
Ive been experimenting with a new band called "Penyeri Malam" and we hope to make it big like my band Crossroads, songs out on radio and tv and all LOL! ahh Penyeri Malam....jammin day was awesome! Amy(rhytem guitarist/vocalist) has great songs just ready to be recorded. cant wait to finish our EP/Demo and then Xfresh.fm here we come XD
Crossroads,.no news till...after CNY (:
family first laaaa wey LOL!
taking a break after a long december .

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