Saturday, January 03, 2009

WOOH0o0o0o!! im backkkkk!
gosh its time to @#$%^ update (:
Christmas was awesome!!!
the 80's party was well....alright LOL! didnt won the best dress i was like SAAADD )':
will post some pictures to let ya'll see what i wore LOL!
went to NIcoLe's place for Christmas meal, the only thing she made was cutting the eggs, and one egg took her 2 minutes to cut HAHA! wthhh q:
had fun chit chattin like small lil kiddies while watching White Chicks (agaiN)
Been sick for almost 2 freaking weeks, lacking of good sweet night rest and lack of love (LOL)
oh yeah been lacking of time tooo mother @#$%^&* i need more timee laaaa. Still cant decide which college to go to and i freaking rejected a few scholarships like @#$%^&*(!! due to err err coarse offered isn't my interest Like business,commerse,marketing bla bla bla...LOL
i wanna be a ROCKSTARRR (:
oh wells, im still busy doing what other rockstars do LOL! been busy working my ass off, making new songs, thought of a few skits and performed for rock the world 8 (:
moving on to the New Year....
it was a blast at the Lost World"s new year's eve beach party XD
the beach was super packed and full with peopleee, whole bunch of my friends were like crazy and all lol. music was awesome, well it was...ahh ahhhh an okay thingy 7/10 ratings LOL.
havent got enuf slep since then slept for like 2 hours and then went to work ON A NEW YEAR"S DAY =/
Been Spending time with my old friends to catch up with em and since this is the 1st year ill be celebrating Christmas here, it wasn;t that bad after all, got to talk to the people i havent been talking to for like 2 yrs? LOL. rebuild some relationships and yeah, it was great to forgive and forget once of what went wrong (:
and Rums was definately awesome! LOL.

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