Thursday, January 29, 2009

ahem, the Chinese new year celebration has always been awesome and prospereeess in Ipoh the one and only time where ipoh is packed and crowded with"leng luis" and bapoks i mean only leng lui LOL!!
will blog a proper CNY post after CNY (:
been busy with work, and hanging put plus, im teaching drums baby LOL!
been catching up and down with friends the whole week and got sunburnt as well =S
and they said, Ipoh is famous for its leng lui-ity oh heck yeah! ahah only on CNY only lah XD
well, reunion dinner wasss alright i guess where by me and dad stil aren't in good terms so yeaaaaaa, oh wells, but mom's been the one supporting me and all (:
most of my friends are back since Christmas been hanging at the same old JJ almost every weekend yum cha-ing almost every night LOL. thinking back bout our schooling days ahhh...bittersweet XD
oH wells, will be back in a few......days XD
toodles for now.


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