Saturday, June 09, 2007

The night i will always remember..=D
last night....fuhhh power gilerrr~~~!! hahaha...
went out suppose to hav dinner with gary and Jo and my rawwrrr sayang..=D
at kopitam....then ended up drinkin choco there cause its too early for dinner..=D
while drinkin had some interfierence by jo's bro...HAHA..sudd spoil the plan..
alritey,skip skip all cause i dont feel good right now...feeling so F up for some reason...
should have gone down to the field and kick some balls aiiiiii..haha..
anyways, spent the night the girl...was a romantic night for me..=D
was relly happy that she can make it that night and made it special for me..
there's non i would like to be rather than her now..

adding to me frekin pistness is my friendster profile...oh marn, its ruined! there's nothing except my occupation as my details..
ahhhh..not bothered to like frekin repair it...
and i jus got my pac back its reformatted!!! shit!
got to frekin install everything back to normal...
hardese thing to msn messenger..not hard but SLOW!
its been 5minutes not a single 1% is loaded...
man...wut a bummer!
watching american pie to ease my mood..
as i didnt really get much sleep..
went to release my jamming moody with gary...ahhhh tried out disagree..haha!
and metal!!!..fuhhh...broke another drumstick!!..the hell!!
im brokeeeeeee!!..hahaaa...
alritey gonna continue watchin american pie the naked mile.=D
u guys and gals..take care yeah and support you local music scene..
before that, ive got like tons of homeworks to do!!!>.arghh!!!...dang!..
so happy going back to school and and be a good kids/adults alritey..=D
God Bless you peeeeeeps!...

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