Saturday, June 02, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im officially 16 yrs old!!..haha..
its been a loooooonggg bumpy ride...
yeahhhhh babyyyy...fuhhhh 16 yearsss..HAHAHA...
*thinks back and reflect all the good bad things ive done*
yeahhhhhhh..those days...hahah!!.=DD
okaii okaii skip the crap and straight to point..=D

was eating chocos,watching the o.c. while texting the Girl. =D
didnt realised time passes so fast!..
the midnight strikes...*jeng jeng jeng*LOL!
got my first birthday wish from PeI Yang an ass..haha!
Girl called!! awwww...sweetness <3!!>
after hangin gawd,tons of sms-es from both line maxis and digi from all over the country and even out,from HK and Austria HAHA,some "old skool" friends wished =D...
felt so happy that ive got friends who like cared and sweet is that..
imagine, u aint got no friends to sad!..=p
not long after that, Wai Hin && Dhong called!!..oh man!!..was so happy to hear them singin for me..HAHAH!!..
text still cuming in till around 2am...

THE DAY! 01/06/07
AHHHH!!...was the day ive been waiting for...HAHAH..=D
went out with Girl at JJ,befire that,whole gang was at JJ,-Pero keiyan,Munxiew,
qivin,eugene,aaron, got my 1st birthday present in the toilet it was a frekkin "rumble!!" aaaaaaaaaa...its a tradition where our gang will whach us up..HAHA! only just on birthdays then...watched SHrek with Girl...

sweet part when we both went up on the rooftop to look at the sceneries..
and asked her where's my house..
she said "that side!!" i said.."what!!!! u Ipoh fella ah??"
she said "really lah there lah" which is totally opposite!!!
she so sesat! hahah!!...had lunch before that..ate her foav tom yam meal..=D
was good..=D and i payed!! haha..too bad the Girl was slow.=p
had our great moments...ahhh was jus sweet..=D
the day i'll remember...

notghin really much happened..
this year's totally different from the others...
which i went out partying with friends til late night...
hahaha...well its time to slow down and you know..HAHA..=p=p

ahhh its almost 4am!!...
im talking to Nicky...
talking crap all morning!!! hahahaha...
havent really finish blogging..but i need my sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepsss....waaaaaaaaaaaaa....
ive really got to sleep...tmr's big day at know what to expect..=D

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