Thursday, November 06, 2008

5 more days to goo!!!!!
mother tuckeerrr, im DEADDDD *died*
tmr's the last day of school *sighh* the last day i'll be stepping in school besides sitting for ASS PEE AM for 3 weeks, im gonna miss my teachers my friends the aunty jaga the school's gate (she cant even read, so we always write some stupid letter sometimes just give her some activity book to show her for us to go out from school earlier and she thought its some PASS KELUAR hahahah!) sighh gonna miss the toilet where me and my GANG TANDAS friends always hang out , gonna miss my favourite teachers sighhs, the fruit aunty whom i always steal fruits from HAHA! and the prefects which oftem give me hard times in school, well not really but stilll...HAhA =p
*tears droppinggg*, shall type this another time LOL. IMISSMYSCHOOL =/
p/s, somebody's gonna watch 007 tmr which she was suppose to watch Coffin but too scared to watch and might be scared and cry her butt off and make the whole shopping mall flooded =p

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