Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A day @ Jaya JusCo,

So I was hanging out with Opei,Ayen,and the other gangmates and Ruby turns up and first sentence she saw us, “ DEVA!!! Boring laaaa *sits down* “ I was like the heee , just come wanna poyo LOL.
Long story short, we went walking around being bored and checked out some exercise machine thingy which was displayed at the stage area of the shopping mall.Company called FitNess Concept had some exhibition promoting work our machine so we tried almost everything and had fun trying.there was this contest conducted, the skipping contest which who can skip the most in a minute and the dumbbell contest the most carry of 10kg in 10 seconds, I was forced to enter the skipping one LOL! 4 contestand 2 ber-tudung mak cik and 1 fit uncle and of course ME =P. and I thought I was bout to win even before skipping see see this fat lady wearing tudung beat me in skippin wth!!! Okay the reason is… the freaking rope got stuck on my hair stupid rope LOL and I cant balance after stopping stoopidd rope =/
I got 3rd obviously the uncle won =S how embarrassing, sheeessshhhsss.
Opie entered in the dumbbell thingy, he won 1st prize LOL. 13 carries in 10 seconds I think =)

Videos taken by Ruby while we were in action XD

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