Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last weekkk...
Friday - half time during Chemistry paper i decided to do some stunt while everyone's hanging around the school compound some were playin basketball,talking BS and so on...i decided to jum over the flower bush just for the fun of releasing tension so everyone stopped what they're doing and looked at me...i was like *supermann!!* as i jump over i freaking fell down on the flower bush dang it such embarrasment HAHA. *everyone laughed their ass off* i quickly stand and say * im okay!! im okay* =P

Kah Seng was driving Zack's car rempit around the school, and he banged one of the pengawas's car it was badly damaged. the pengawas' car bumper fell off and was dented BAADly. Zack's car suffered almost the same thingy too. Dented at the front side . Everyone was like WOOOH0O0O0O. LOL. Zack's car went to the hospital i mean workshop after few hours...WALAA its done (:
and pengawas' car....sorry lah we all run off and watched the drama between pengawas and his car HAHA!! kah seng was saved no body informed pengawas XD

well yesterday to be exact, i suffered from a brain damage, biology was HAARRDD =S
I died siting for the paper.

today was the second last day before my last paper EST, had Physics...physics wassss..OKAYY laa but still i need an A =/
While sitting for paper 2 I didnt realise i was calling Zack which was in the same hall with me and it was in loudspeaker my phone went *toooottt toooott toooootttt* i was like wtf wtf wtf!!!! mattii matiii SPM kantoiiiii. quickly i switch off my phone and continue doing my paper LOL! God is good, pengawas was blind =PP

hundred plus booth at JJ some talent contest thingy, i was forced to show something im good in apparently im no good in anything HAHA! well i err dirty danced and the 100plus peeps recorded me dancing and all my friends were like *wooh0o0* DEVAA DEVVAAA and all at the back there were even makcik pakcik small lil kiddies there they were speechless i think i turned the old peeps on HAHA sorry yah =p
i stand a chance to win errr some cash prize up to 8 thousand bucks aha $$ [ching ching baby] i won 2 free movie ticket, and a few 100plus drinks (:

p/s, hair is growing VERYYY slowlyy =/

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