Monday, November 10, 2008

Say byebyebyeeeeee
Im not good in saying gooodbye cause i never want good things to end but yeah...all things must come to an end.. =(
i'll be leaving high school after 18 days well its already over LOL.
would like to thank all my classmates for all these tremendous awesome two years, whatever ive done wrong please forgive and forget me, i mean forgive me LOL! and all those stupid dumb dumb stuff i've did please DONT TRY THOSE AT HOME hahaha!
to all my teachers, (i know some of you've been reading my blog) thank you for all your support and care and whatever whacking spanking nagging and kicking i will surely remember those LOL. Words couldn't describe how i feel bout leaving school ='(
*crying crying * to everyone in SMI, you all have been a great schoolmate, those whom i always bully and ask for belanja and never pay you back...well....errr next next year lah alright =p=p
and to aunty and uncles of the canteen,i got to admit that i stole food from you all LOL!! not all okays just a few stalls, i stole fruits and kacang (less than 20 times) =p=p sorryy yeahh and to those whom ive hurt without knowing painful or not during sports training...sorry lahhh hehehehe, SENGAJA buat punya =p
gahsss, gonna miss training,class,and i will surely miss ponteng-ing class =(
gosh im so bad in goodbyes =(
i love you alll!!! 23456783456784567845678 billion thank you for teaching me what life is all about. ONce a Michaelian, is always one (: *GREEN && WHITE, UNITE!!* (HIP-HIP HOP!!!) oh shoot its (HIP-HIP HOOORAYYY!!)

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