Saturday, May 26, 2007


Celebrated Teacher's Day today at school..=D
all the students sat in the basket ball court as the sun is rising we felt the heatnesss..gosh, was so hotness...maybe cause im hot and all..haha!!..=p=p
had games among the students and teachers...
played the err spoon and ping pong ball with spoon..tying to balance the ball on the spoon..dang!! i a jinx!..haah..=p=p
sorry cikgu cikgussss...
nothing much on teacher's day...performance wise was kinda bad..the AVA system blew the whole thing up..sound system like crapness..
so we didnt enjoyed a thing except!!!!
the dance and aerobic club's performance..they did some sexay dance..haha..=p=p
cought every1's attention...

alright alright..skip skip the unimportant part..=p
here comes the important part is the Digi Celebriteen singin audition...
planned to go for the audition few weeks back..told my friends bout it..they were laughing at me..haha..big meanieee..=p=p
on thursday went and check out the place which is in Cosmopoint with Nand...
there's like nobody's there..i tought since there's nob ody like i can like go through the audi easy..haha...
next day (friday=today),
after school went with Mun Yee, Nand, Clarence, Daphnee, Kumara (snoop dawg), and Chee Hoe..only me and Nand rergistered...
wanted to ask every1 to sign up they're shy lah lazy lah..aiya..hahaa..
so reached cosmopoint, was there...
so whole gang went in check things out while me and nand sign up..
played games with the fly-bees...
won cds etc etc...=DDDD
got famous a lil bit by singin on the small stage...=p=p
and got a cd from fly..=DD
sang the song dat im singin on the audi....
Disagree - suicide note ( song is in the bloggie =D )
so after the games and all..the fly bees wante to go for lunch...since they aren't local,
clarence brought them for lunch trying to promote Ipoh famous food..=DD
somewhere left me and nand in the waiting room, waiting for our turn to sing in front of the judges..=DD
after waiting for sometime, its my turn number "2008"
other contestant wasn like giving me support and all..saying all the best and good luck..felt encourage..hahahaa..=p didnt know ppl like u know...there was alot of those typical ppl there so didint know they were very encourageing and supportive..haha..good ppl good ppl..=DDD

sang my thang...judges said was very good and im th 1st person who sang a local slow rock song...
and he wanted to test me with other genre unfortunately there's no other song in my mind..
so i sang consuming fire by hillsong..hahah!!!..goodness...i did badd..=p=p
so they said.. hmmmm, good good as in i tried..=p=p
they'll call me before 11pm tonight if i made it...
soo waiteeddddd....
its nand's turn...haha he told me he blew it off..=p=p
its ok nand!!..=p=p
malaysian idol waiting for you..=p
so after boht us us went for audition, we wished the others all the best too.. =DD
being a good sport..=D
there's alot of people since today's the last yeah..=D
had fun though...=D
Digi didnt call me..hah its after 11pm now..=D
its okaii...focussing on my drumming and move 4ward with my band to perform soon...=DD

cant wait for tomorrow!!!..
going out with the gang and girlfriend...wheee...watching piratesss!!!..=DD

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