Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A date with Gary =D

Today went out with Gary to JJ...had some one on one guy talk with him..
haha..was fruitfulls..=DD
talked bout our past interesting stuffs..
girls...etc etc..heheh..

we, you know share stuffs..haha..=DD
talked for almost 2 hours ++ at the Food Court...
after that, Girlfriend joined us at McD just to intro Girlfriend to Gary..=)
saw some old friends...Steph (twin to Daph,which is hottest twins in our school) and Jeremy..hehe..=DD
bought Shrek tict for this friday with Girlfriend..=D

Gonna hang more with Gary before he leaves...wheeee...
Gary rawks my socks..!! hahaha..=DD

oh yeah! one more thing, met the Girlfriend's mom!!!..
aaaaa...wwas speechless when i saw her...
was like..."helllooooo auntyy" *smiles like an idiot*
haha..oh man....well girlfriend's mom was kinda hawt!! haha..=p=p

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