Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ahhh...been very tired these few days...training..
well, not really, cause i skip training most of the time..HAHA..
oh wells, i just need more sleep and sleep and rest and rest..=)
gosh, i get PMS like just like that..hahaa..and today im a lil pms-sy...
gahhhh...stoopidiee...today, while i was changing for PE in class, my friends were like "wey deva, ur body shape like gal lah!!" i said "what??!! sure anot?" then Looi, showed how my body look like in the whiteboard..hahaha..the crap! i really got a gal's body shape..malu wey!! and then whats next, im growing boobs??..stoopid estrogen im taking..hahaa..=p
oh wells, at least im sexy and cute right?.=p
so the day went preety well, did all my work and went to sleep in class.=p
oh wells, will blog like soon okaii..haha..
Janna's having the pics she took while i was playing snooker wanna see how i look like..haha..will post that one too yeah...ciaodemao for now..;)

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