Sunday, September 30, 2007

To all PMR perticipance,
All the best in ur exams...and dont worry everything's gonna be aright cause Deva rawks..HAHAHA!.=p
if u cant answer any question, just put my name as the answer and your answer will be 1000% WRONG!! hahaha..=p=p well, then what else you're gonna put right? cause u dont know the answser..=p=p

so anyways, ALL THE BEST in ur PMR alright.=D
"Hidup biar lepak, results biar gempak" Deva's moto of the day..HAHAHA

went JJ to Amelia's bday party.errr so called party.=)
no further elaboration here.HAAHA.=)
skip party part.....bla bla blaaa after an hour plus plus..

went to Hairforce, Josh got his hair cut there..was hangin with yy and jx while waiting..
was my first time there...hahaa.yeah 1st time lah.=p
so was walking around reading newspaper then Charles (the principle/owner) of the saloon academy thingy complimented my hair..HAHA!! fuuh..a compliment from a profesional international hair dresser?? not bad ;)
spikyness and yeah i said thanks..
then he started to ask bout my how long i took to do my hair..who cuts my hair...
what school im from and so on..haha..then we begin to talk bout hair styles..=D
then jx and yy came to join in..then Charles took out his err blue coloured gel and put some on my make it look good..haha..fuuuh!! nice weyyss! =D
so yeah, Charles talked bout his students and bout his saloon/academy..was great talking to him..haha..saw him couple of times didnt really talked to him..saw him in my school..he;s ralated to Kishen..and dont know where the hell did Kishen went la..HAHA..miss his fat ass..Kishen is his nephew lah..=)) now i remembered.=p
so anyways, was great talking to charles.=p

im dead!! tomorrow's my final exams!!!..GAHHHH!!!!

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