Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Deva should control himself, not to go overboard...
must control your emotions mannn...*smacks his ass*

Shouldn't have send tat email.
and now, he's hoping that things will be the same again.
he needs her right now, so badly.
dont wanna hurt her anymore.
dont wanna repeat the sme mistakes again, and he'll understand her will all his heart and soul.
he's currently feeling moodless, tears shed minutes ago feeling the regretlessness of what he has done.sorry?. no! its deeper and much more than saying sorry, as he feels bad i mean REAL bad of what happened.
and yet after all this obstacles he loves her more and more. ahhh wonderful nature of love he suppose.=)
he really needs her right now.
he mises her alot
he loves her like ALOTTTTTTTT.
and every seconds of his life revolves her.
ahhh sweet.
and to her,
Deva loves you so so much.<3

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