Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh Damn...
At the school canteen after school today,

Haree: Wey Deva!, you kena sacked lah wey!
Deva: WTF!, from what! when?!!!! no letters oso!!
Haree: Ping Pong club lah wey, go check the board lah.
Deva:wtf! you serious?? bloody ping pong club! no exco meetings, no nothing, i dont even know who the teachers are.stupid club. no wonder the club not happening. was alot better last year lah when Yobs was the president.

*runs out and check the board*

Deva: what the hell!!!!....

Board stated :

The Following students are being sacked from ping pong club,
Devaraj of 4sc6
Reason: Didint attend meeting (what the!, i did okaii, just dat i didnt take my attendance)
Didint carry out your duty as a mentanance director ( well, i did!well,im not the only mentanance directir around others didnt do their bloody job at all and no one noticed cause the excos were too busy talking in chinese and the heck, the clubs gonna ended up being a chinese class then with a ping pong table and bat and balls)

Stupid exco board..was speechless after reading that.
oh wells, at least i've got other bigger clubs and sports.
man, its so frustrating lah. the board didint do anything at all.dang!
stupid president damn typical ass. the board sucks to the max lah. miss the days when Yobs was the pres, was so happening. see how the club goes lah.stupid ass.members are geting lesser and lesser each week.good for them!.

ive got other clubs to concerntrate on and im doing hella great at it.=)
well, ive got tons of clubs and sports so got nothing to lose.=p
oh wells, better get it over.after all its just ping pong lah Deva.

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