Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahhhh Chooooo!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh CHHHHIEEWWWW!!!!!
gahhh, been sneezing almost the whole day, suffering from nose blockage and fluness...hahaha..=)

suddenly I've got the inspiration to blog after sooooooo looooooong =)
well well, today in school, we were suppose to have Biology lesson well instead the class decided to close all the doors,off the lights, and shut up so that our Bio teacher (Ms.Louis Mary) will suspect us outa class..we were excited like anything..hahah was laughing all the while..=p
so my friend was the watch-person, then he said "Oiiii!!Black Mary's coming!!!" then we all shut up, and was giggling..and for some reason my friend just has to ruined the plan by comin in the class, he was outside act he ddint know bout the plan. soooo the plan hancur...teacher was calling " Adhwa......Adhwaaaaaaaa" while knocking the door...then suddenly the door was opened. (dang! someone didnt close the door properly)..then everyone ran ASAP to the respective table and sleep..HAHAHAH!!! oh man was so funny...then our Bio teacher shouted " what the hell are you boys trying to do huh!!!!!??!!!, im gonna call Mr.Rajan (our form4 discipline teacher)" she went out and we all went to the Bio laboratory..thennn few seconds later, mr.Rajan came with his cane..we were all..."oh shit!"
then Rajan started to bring us to the basketball court and just let us stand under the sun for 20 minutes...we were jokin with him while walking down to the court..hahaha..Rajan, was playin around too.=p
and while we were under the sun having out "sun bath" i said to everyone, "oi!, lets say sorry sir to rajan lah aiseh" then i counted 1...2...3....we all said "SORRY SIRRRRRRR" then he was like "wait there for a few minutes more laaaaa" then we all were like " aiyoooh panas lah sirrrr"..
while was sun bathing, i crack some dumbass jokes..hahaha..LOL...
then i pretended to faint..=p=p then everyone laughed..HAHA..
the best part when i asked my classmate which is the fattest boy in class and funny and dumb...
asked him to act faint, he was like, holding his songkok in his hand and faint, *BOOOMM!!!* flat he went on the ground cause he was so fat!! hahah..we all laughed like hell..and he said to us, "bagi tau mak aku, aku tak puasa hari nie, sebab tadi aku minum air deva dalam kelas" HAHAHAH we all laughed..and Rajan being a good sport laughed too..=p=p
oh man, then after 20 minutes, Rajan called us into the shade and gave us some advice and yeah we took the advice and he was talking for like 15 minutes giving us motivation to study and all. and as we entered the Bio lab, we said sorry to our Bio teacher..=p
and she was like, "if you all dont want to study better stay at home and sleep" then i said "Sorry teacher" then everyone followww in a count of 3. hahaha...
ended up we went back feeling guilty but we had fun!.=D

4 science 6 rawkss!!!! \m/

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