Thursday, September 27, 2007

WADUPPP!! DUdes and DUdetS =DD
alrightey its time to bloggies..=D
to my brotha from the same motha...HAPPY (belated =p) BIRTHDAY SMALL BOY!!!

Jyi choong, my brotha from anotha motha, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!
p/s: sry lah whack you so hard yesterday hahaha! and thanks for the choco cakey.=D yummm

Sebastard! i mean Sebastian, HAHAH! my brotha from anotha motha a.k.a my annoying class mate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!
p/s : sorry lah got to rumble jumble you like 4 times today..HAHAH..its yo birthday man.=D you know the rules =D

GAHHHH!!! im so stressed out...
my final exams is a few days time which is next MONDAY!!

so anyways, apart from the exams....
i've been watching MAD TV like a whole lot..hahahaha!!
its so funny..will post a video in a while alright so that ya all can laugh ya arses out load..and i think im mad after watching Mad Tv so much.=p

Studying like a nerd?..nahh not reli...
hahaha..just finish doing one chapter of gee, its so hard to understand such stoopid thing..stressed out.hahahaa.=p

been missing the Wifey alot!!!..gahhh
miss youu!!! =)

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