Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tiredafied,sleepyfiedd,terrified,fied fied fied...
hahahaa..i need to sleeeeeepp..
oh well, a lil update hereee..well actually, alot but i'll try not to talk so much keh keh keh.=p
Im still busy with sch0ol, tons and tons of work to finish especially my Moral essays, and training which is every evening and today,I over slept after coming back from school.hahaa..ahh screw training lah, im tired...ZZZzzzZZzzzZZZZzzzz sleeeppppp..slept around 4-5 hours =p
and been offered to play for some bands.hahaa..i was like woooo, in a week, there's like 2-3 bands offering.kehkehkeh..will see how things goes and you know make the best of everything.
been busy plannin for the upcoming "Battle of the Bands" which i'll be playin for 2 bands and yeah, i think my main band gonna win this thingy hahaha.=p
and been busy with IU DAy's plannin and i've got to really plan when's the practise gonna be and gah im broke! yeah back to broke again.dont know what the hell i bought.HAHAA.oh wells, anyone's kind plsss plsssss belanja mee..=p=p kekeeh.
and one more performance, which involves me and my main band SILENT SCREAM =)
in KL on march..heeheee.no news yet.will see how things goes ;)

Haven't been emo for a long time and suddenly, BOOOM!!
emooooooo..hahah..i was emo-ing last night..kay kay last past few nights lah.
been really stressed out and tension and depressed and supresed and frustpressed and watever dat pressed lah.hahaa.
and my dad's always around.danggg..cant watch tv,online or do whatever..sighhh..lifeless at home. =(
my best home companion at home is my phone..=)
and i've been eating like a @#$%^& pig at home..i need to cut down lahh..im getting fatter.LOLSSS

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