Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's time...
Nerd nerd...yeah its time to be one.
SPM's like end of this year and im like not prepared at all, im still indulge in my lazy-ness world and my ROck n RoLL world.haha.=p
oh wells, its time to cut down somethings like online-ing time, going out, wasting $$ time, wasting time time.=p
oh wells, been busy with my homeworks. gahh just too much of em makes my head wanna burst.

I got screwed AGAIN by her yeah....
this time things get very ugly..
got a text from her dad and i was called "stupid,idoit" stupid..if you're smart you won't control urkid too much and give her some space and air dude.
this is the problem with parents who's mind isn't like open and so old fashioned..oh whatever..we kids need space and to show our true colours so that we can you know, be talentfull..hahaa.i've got alot to say bout this but gah, just dont wanna waste my time writing nonsense. to make my point, some parents just really had to be sporting and throw less burden to their kids.

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