Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GAHHHH thing in my head...yes yess its called MIGRAINE!! =D
been having it for the past few days already and i don't seem to know what is the matter, and the only way to temporarilly not to have this head bursting desease is to listen to rock music.hahaa.

Well, sku's...not that bad.so far so fat i mean good =p
being a monitor ain't THAT bad afterall just a lil bit of work and pressure from the teachers, other than that it's all good.
Bought a PINK tie for Mr.Woon's (our head disapline master) retiment day tomorrow..its a token of appreciation from the class. went to the mall just now and found a PINK tie and a present wrapper with cow pictures on it.hahaa..so yeah bought it witht he class $$$, plus, I've found the Converse sneekers that i've been wanting for the cream colour with orange lining and apparently its the last pair in Ipoh. There's no other place where u can find except *NOT TEELLINGG!!* =pp HAHAAH..so yeah, and to my suprise Jien Ai's (sry wrong spelling dude) working at the shop she was like "DEEVAA!!!!! haahaaa wah lao ehhh really like that shoes uh, until enter the shop didnt see me, i was right in front of you lahhhh" hehe..then i said."WHAAATT!! u is working here??!!" hahaa.=pp
so Jien Ai decided to like help me a lil bit on the shoes, she helped me to pay deposit which is rm10 so that i can claim the shoe like after i get my pay which is next week =)

and back to sku, our Physics teacher..1st time teaching Physics, and for a start he can't speak English at all..and he uses direct transalation from the Malay language.
and he teaches really SLOOOOOOOOW..so yeah, all the best for my Physics in SPM this year. =D

and one more thing,
Her phone got consfiscated again, i got called from her aunt or mom i don't know who saing that never to text or contact her again.so yeah.
it's not the end but things are getting slow so yeah.

*keep playin the same song over and over again, song from my blog =)

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