Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh yeahh..from the picture beside you can see how am I feeling right now.

I'm feeling rather so damn !@#$%^&*() pist off.I can't make it to Joel's party which everyone's going. Almost the whole world is going which is a very good oppurnity for me to meet up with old friends and hang around to have fun and enjoy the night..Instead, I got so !@#$%^& annoyed wish the person who can drive but wants to car pull and irritates me. Purposely, asked how am I going to MERU, which is so !@#$%^& far and its like the another end of the world and I told him, NO car, im taking cab.then he started laughing like a !@#$%^&, Gosh, if you don't wanna help which you can help don't purposely ask and add !@#$%^& to my situation lah. i'll trying to find a way to get there and he was like "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA' all the way.i was like if im next to him i swear tmr i'll be on tv,8pm. Tried to call a cab, but not even one came. called like 3 times still same !@#$% nothing came in front of my house. and mom, being so very kind and generous didn't even wanna send me to some place where I can get a cab to go to the place. Gonna get her sth for mama's day.YAYYYY!!! greatest mom ever.wowwwww...being ignorant and don't even wanna give a damn.yeah, the best mom ever.wooo!! Got so fed up without any transport to go, got so !@#$%^&* pissed of decided that I got no option just to stay at my !@#$%^&*( house. HAPPY NIGHT YAY! And, thank you to those who wants to help picking me up but not old enough to drive a car to pick me.=) so sweet of you all. well, enjoy the party and have fun =D Joel, sorry couldn't come transport lah..even the cab driver didnt wanna pick me house too far.damn.

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