Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm back to bloggin after a week. =)
The weeks been an exhausting week, can almost die.=p hahaa..
been busy with sku work work work assignments especially my Moral essays which includes 8 essays,250 words and i've got to hand in b3fore Chinese New year. and yeah i'm so gonna like copy just a LIL..HAHAHA.=p from one of my friend from KL which she took SPM last year.
been busy with training..yes, back to training but quitting football. rugby,track and field and handball is still on though. well, it depends if i cant take the pressure i might just have to quit one or two. and performance, yeahhhh...been called for so many events..gahh..preparation practises and plannin..headachesssss..BIG headaches..
tomorrow, a gig at a big party at some mansion, which includes like 10 songs? plus, im playin for youth tmr and im preparing for the battle of the band comp got choson to play for school plus performing some the interact club's IU Day plus my own band, there's a gig cumin up somewhere next month after my exams..stressing..barely got the time to listen to the songs with work and training and with my sleep time..gosh, i need super long long sleep. and so far school's been okay besides the busyness. oh yeah, me yes the monitor of my class..haha.=p=p how cool.
well, deva as usual will make dumb jokes and make other people laugh inside outside of sku.
oh yeah, ive gotten my new conversee!! ahhhh..nice nice nice!!! =DD

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